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First Time Buyer

Being a first time buyer, you have many loan programs specifically tailored for your needs. These loans feature low down payments and easier approval guidelines that help you to qualify. Below you will see a list of the more popular first time homebuyer programs.

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What is a First Time Buyer Loan? - Apply Online

Purchasing your first home can be a daunting and confusing process for many, with the help of a mortgage lender you are often offered many home loan options to help assist you in making your decision for which loan is best for you. First time home buyer programs can offer lower interest rates, lower down payments, or reduced taxes.

Who is Eligible for a First Time Buyer Loan? - Apply Online

First time home buyer programs are designed to help borrowers who may not have the funds to pay the full cost of a traditional down payment or the closing costs associated with a mortgage. In many states, there are even programs specifically tailored for your needs. These programs are easier to qualify for and make obtaining a mortgage more cost effective. You must not have owned a home in the past three years to be eligible for a first time home buyer program

FHA and VA Loans for First Time Buyers - Apply Online

As a First Time Home Buyer, it may often be difficult to amass a considerably large down payment and everyone should have the opportunity to buy a home. This is the reason that the Federal Government has stepped in to offer two loan programs in assisting homebuyers that have little or no down payment. These programs are called Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and the Veteran's Administration (VA). These are not solely intended for first time home buyers, though your home loan advisor will be able to determine if you meet the qualifications for either program and which would be acceptable for your needs.

Community Home Buyer Programs - Apply Online

Community home buyer programs reduce the down payment you must pay by to 3% of the total down payment. This home loan program requires that you take a class on home ownership in your own city and/or state. This type of program makes it possible for many people to have the opportunity to own a home.

What is Escrow? - Apply Online

An account in which a neutral third party holds the documents and money in a real-estate transfer until all conditions of a sale are met. In other words, escrow is where the transaction changes hands and prevents the seller from NOT receiving the money from a sale and prevents the buyer from NOT receiving the home that they have purchased. You will always want to use some type of escrow when dealing with large amounts of money and/or items, such as during a mortgage process.

Mortgage Credit Certificates - Apply Online

A Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) is provided by an issuer authorized to utilize Private Activity Bond Volume Cap which entitles a homeowner to take credit on their Federal income taxes in an amount equal to a certain percentage of the interest paid on their mortgage loan. This helps buyers to free up funds and make monthly home loan payments more affordable for the home owner. Income and purchase price requirements may also vary from state to state and it is best to speak with your home loan representative to see if this may fit your needs.

Newport Beach First Time Buyers Program - Apply Online

With Network Lending Services, Inc. , our Newport Beach mortgage brokers will offer a wide variety of first time buyer programs for Newport Beach first time buyers. We will make the process for securing an affordable loan in Newport Beach go as smoothly as possible for your home loan needs.

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